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C5 Corvette Column Lock Simulator LMC5

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PLEASE NOTE: This listing does not include the LMC5 Unlocker. This Unlocker is only used to unlock your steering column if 
your steering wheel locks when the key is removed, or if it remains locked all the time due to a column lock system failure.
You DO NOT need the Unlocker if your steering wheel freely turns with the key out of the ignition.
If you do need it add it to your order above.



The LMC5 replaces the faulty C5 steering column lock system components with a reliable module that:

  • Can be easily installed in any 1997-2004 Corvette
  • Completely simulates a properly functioning factory column lock system, enabling normal vehicle operation
  • Prevents a column lock failure from stranding you, and also fixes the problem if it's already failed
  • Stops the Service Column Lock and Pull Key, Wait 10 Seconds messages from appearing

If you’re already familiar with the C5 steering column lock problem, the LMC5 fixes it...FOREVER!

If you have a 1997-2004 Corvette and you’ve never heard of this problem, well, read on.



The 1997-2004 C5 Corvette Steering Column Lock System is part of the theft deterrent system that uses a lock motor, locking plate, relay (in 6 speed C5s), and other components to lock the steering wheel when you remove the key, so the car can’t be driven. Unfortunately, in most 97-04 Corvettes, this system can fail, resulting in Service Column Lock and/or Pull Key, Wait 10 Seconds messages, and often shutting off the fuel at 2 MPH, completely disabling your Vette. GM has recalled over 126,000 1997-2004 Corvettes for steering column lock problems. Unfortunately, these recalls didn’t fix the problem, and sometimes created entirely new ones.

The manufacturer recalls apply to the following C5 Corvettes:

1997-2004 with a manual transmission (ALL 6 speed C5 Corvettes)

1997-2000 with an automatic transmission

2001-2004 European export Corvettes with an automatic transmission

It’s hard to find anyone knowledgeable enough to reliably and inexpensively prevent or fix the column lock failure. With all of the confusion about the steering column lock failure, the multiple recalls, attempted fixes, K Harness, various modifications and bypass devices, wouldn’t it be great to have one simple, universal module that:

Can be installed in every 1997-2004 Corvette
Will prevent the column lock problem from occurring, and fix it if it has already failed
Can be easily installed in minutes without removing or modifying ANY of those other attempted fixes or devices?


Enter the LMC5 Module. The LMC5 is the only 100% solid-state module, with NO moving parts, that completely simulates a perfectly functioning steering column lock system and is designed to fully synchronize with the Corvette's computer (BCM). The LMC5 uses zero power when the car is off, and only a few milliwatts when in continuous operation. The LMC5 is fully encapsulated to protect it from moisture and physical damage, and to help ensure a lifetime of reliable service.

Installation is easy. Using only two wrenches and a provided tool, the LMC5 installs in minutes, in the passenger side footwell, with absolutely no major disassembly of interior panels or parts! That means no dash panels to realign, no screws to lose, and no body parts to get mangled - whether yours or your Vette's!

The LMC5 doesn't just bypass parts of the column lock system. It completely disconnects ALL of the potentially faulty column lock system components connected to the BCM, and replaces them with a single, easily identified module.

The LMC5 can be installed with complete confidence:

  • In any 1997-2004 Corvette.
  • Typically in less than 20 minutes
  • By you, or virtually any mechanic on earth - using only two wrenches and a provided tool.
  • Even if your Corvette is running great, as the column lock failure can strike at any time.
  • If you see the Service Column Lock or Pull Key, Wait 10 Seconds messages.
  • If you've had ANY of the recalls done.
  • If you've had NONE of the recalls done.
  • If your C5 has ANY other column lock bypass or replacement device (without even removing any such device!).
  • If your steering column won’t unlock, and/or the fuel shuts off at 2 MPH due to a column lock system malfunction. Note: If your steering column locks, see below for more info.***

Here are some other benefits and features to keep in mind. The LMC5:

  • Requires NO removal of ANY recall modification or any other column lock replacement device
  • Requires NO diagnostics or testing of ANY column lock system components
  • Contains NO relays or other moving parts to break down
  • Connects ONLY to the BCM, and can't harm the BCM with ANY external voltages, shorts, etc
  • Requires NO removal of the driver's knee bolster
  • Makes no permanent modifications to your Corvette
  • Requires NO fuel shut-off speed reprogramming
  • Will sync to the BCM every time your Corvette is started or the key is removed
  • Can be kept in your glove box as inexpensive insurance against future column lock problems
  • Keeps working even with a low battery - avoiding low battery fuel shut-off problems
  • Is designed to withstand automotive voltage surges, spikes and other fault conditions
  • Is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Is covered by a one year transferable limited warranty
  • Is the only steering column lock repair module that your Vette will ever need!

Here’s something to think about:

Even if you've had all of the recalls done, if your steering wheel doesn't lock, or if you've had some other column lock replacement device installed, you should still get an LMC5.


Because it's very inexpensive insurance against any column lock problems stranding you down the road. Even if you don't install it right away, keep an LMC5 kit and a couple of wrenches in the glove box, and you, or virtually any mechanic on earth, can bring your Vette back to life in literally minutes! Whether a block from home, or on a road trip through the Badlands, you'll have peace of mind knowing that everything needed to fix the column lock problem is always with you. Anywhere.

The patent pending LMC5 was designed by a long time Vette lover and owner, and makes the world’s best sports car even better! Every LMC5 is fully tested before shipping. LMC5s have been operated continuously for over 10 million cycles with no failures. The LMC5 will even work perfectly while submerged under water!

Every LMC5 comes with full installation instructions with photos, to guide you through a trouble-free install.



C5 Corvette Column Lock Simulator

C5 Corvette CLB

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    Posted by Pineapple22 on Sep 30th 2016

    I purchased this for my 98 Corvette. I was getting the service column lock message. I am a female and installed this within 2 hours. Most of this time was rereading the instructions and getting the plugs out of the BCM box. After installing I got the same Pull key wait 10 seconds message but after disconnecting the negative battery post and waiting 1 minutes as the instructions stated it worked like a charm.