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VetteNuts C5 Fiberglass Corner Sub Boxes

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VetteNuts C5 Corvette Fiberglass Corner Sub Boxes.

A proven winner with over 12 years on the market and is regarded as one of the best sub boxes for the C5.

Our fiberglass subwoofer boxes are the total solution for those who want to add some really great sounding low end to your C5 Corvette, without the weight of the center well MDF subwoofer boxes. Also it allows you to keep the valuable center storage bin exclusive to the C5. When you install our box in the corner it sound's far superior to the traditional center storage sub box.

The VetteNuts Corner Sub box can be ordered for the driver or passenger side. One of our sub boxes sounds awesome however two sound amazing! They drop right in with no modifications to the car, and without any issues when storing your targa top. The boxes press fit in with no screws or tape. If you need to have the full storage capacity of your cargo area simply tug firmly up to remove them.


We have sold 1000's of sub boxes and they are made here at our shop in Middle TN by the exact same employee for 12 years. When looking for quality construction that you can enjoy for decades look no farther than VetteNuts.


Add a 2nd box and save $30.


Feel free to call us at 615-896-6100 or email at for your sub woofer pricing or if you have any questions. Like all of our VetteNuts Exclusive products, these are made in house to our critical quality control standards. This insures you always get a high quality product you can be proud of for many years to come.




***NOTE:  Please estimate 21-30 days for your box to be completed. Feel free to call or email us if you need a more specific delivery date and we will be happy to let you know when to expect your item.***