Optimum OEp Series Brake Pads

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Pair with eLINE Drilled & Slotted Rotors for an all around upgrade!

Same Original Equipment
Manufacturer Formulation

Advanced cars require advanced brake pads. Though other brake pads may be made to be similar to OEM standards, our R1 Concepts Ultimate OE brake pads are constructed to be better in terms of longevity, performance, and value. Our Optimum OEp brake pads have a lower price and superior performance. They are a sophisticated and technologically-advanced option for the modern driver and modern vehicles. There are numerous incredible benefits of using Ultimate OE brake pads: long wear, low noise, and very low dust.

Same Original Equipment Process

Better brake pads mean less wear on your vehicle - and better performance when you're out on the road. Our OE brake pads provide accurate and ultimate stopping performance, due to the superior processes that we use. This includes post-curing for even better durability and an advanced OE formulation. Our advanced brake pads have rubber coated shims for smoother, quieter operations, making them the perfect solution for everything from sports cars to luxury models. We also use the same positive molding process used for OEM brake pads, ensuring that our Optimum OEp brake pads are perfect from the materials to the process.

Low or 100% Copper Free

R1 Concepts OPTIMUM OEp Series Brake Pads are environmentally friendly and adhere to the low copper requirements under California and Washington restrictions for 2021/2025. R1 Concepts OPTIMUM OEp uses different Original Equipment Manufacturer formulation, Leaf Mark may vary.

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