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"Fixin Your Vette One Nut At A Time"


VetteNuts C6 Corvette Premium Insulation Kit

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VetteNuts C6 Corvette Premium Insulation Kit

When you want to do all you can to insulate your Vette look no farther!


Our Premium Kit is by far our best seller, with 1000's sold and over a decade of customer feedback this is the best kit on the market. We take our standard Insulation material (Foil Kit) and apply Ensolite which has a self adhesive backing. Making it one piece with two layers. We then cut the material from our templates by hand. All of this is done by the same employee for the last decade.

When these two kits are combined together the road noise inside your Vette is drastically reduced. We see 10-14DB drop in cabin noise depending on road conditions and type of tire. With a Flir Infrared Camera we saw a 50 degree drop in center console tempratures! 

The Ensolite was designed by NASA for the space program. This is a very high grade foam/adhesive combination that will handle high heat, is fire retardant just like regular IUO. The material resembles a wet suit material. This kit will make a huge difference in heat and road noise while adding only 9lbs to your Vette.


We recently (2020) Tested a couple of different materials trying to see if there was a material that would be better for our Vette's. Nothing could match the performance of our material. We strive to make the best product possible while keeping cost down. Granted our Kit is expensive but the material cost is expensive and the fact that a C6 requires nearly 100sq ft of material to make one of our kits. The time you save versus trying to make your own templates which takes an immense amount of time. Not to mention material wasted once you realize a section does not fit correctly. We have spent the time to prefect our templates to insure our pre cut kit fits like it should.


This kit includes the following pieces:

  • Driver & Passenger front floorboard pieces, with holes cut for seat bolts and pedals.
  • Driver & Passenger side tunnel pieces, cut around your e-brake.
  • Full center console pieces, with holes for the center console bolts.
  • Full Cargo area floor pieces.
  • Full Side rear wheel well pieces.
  • Full back wall and corner pieces.
  • Full Center Well pre-cut pieces.
  • Extra pieces for odds and ends coverage that you may need.

We do not include the kick panel sections in Ensolite. This makes the area to thick to reinstall the plastic kick panels when using both kits.

Don't forget your roll of Foil tape for the seams.