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VetteNuts C7 Corvette Pre-cut Premium Insulation kit

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The VetteNuts C7 Corvette Pre-cut Premium Insulation kit is designed specifically for the C7 generation of Chevrolet Corvettes. It includes everything needed to insulate and provide sound deadening in the vehicle. Unlike previous generations, GM did a better job of insulating the C7, so the under seat carpet areas do not produce heat or road noise. As a result, the kit does not include under seat sections, saving on both material and labor.

 The kit includes pieces for the riser wall, driver and passenger side tunnels, center console, cargo area floor, side rear wheel wells, and back bumper wall, as well as extra pieces for any additional coverage needed.

The VetteNuts Premium Kit is a two-layer kit that includes the standard insulation layer made of aluminum foil, polyethylene backing and closed-cell polyethylene foam. The second layer is a peel and stick Ensolite IUO insulation material designed by NASA for the space program. It is a high-grade foam/adhesive combination that can handle high heat and is fire-retardant. The front sections of the kit are Ensolite only.

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